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The potential of virtual reality and augmented reality is truly limitless. We launched the virtual reality company to bring together the world's greatest storytellers, VR engineer and artists to create amazing experiences for VR and AR.
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We are enthusiastic VR developers devoted to enhance the user experience of virtual reality to the next level.
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Save your Planet
Medium,: VR Language: Chinese Global warming is currently an important issue for environmental preservation and sustainable development, which is closely related to our living; however, due to a lack of relevant knowledge, people cannot perceive the crisis that the earth is currently facing. To allow people to realize such issue, Shadoworks uses its professional digital design skill to develop a virtual reality interactive experience. From the animation, it can be seen how the original ecological resources of the entire area have been changed by people and the impact of the warming of the climate would have on such an area. The entire experience uses a natural and friendly art style in order to bring up the major issue of human sustainable development. In addition, through a great user experience, it is able to allow the people to understand relatively difficult knowledge more easily.
Surreal Education
VR Education System
Medium,: VR, AR Language: English, Chinese Introducing Surreal Education, an innovative solution that improves learning inefficiency by implementing the core of immersive technology into our existing education system. Through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we can transform abstract concepts from the textbooks into a fully immersive environment for our students to visualize and comprehend. Whether it is learning in the classroom or studying at home, surreal education encourages the students to learn and motivates them to perform better.
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